Electric Maintenance Safety Device

InfraredInfrared Windows

The Industrial-Grade IR Windows with reinforced polymer optics which are the best choice when the client will be placing windows into industrial applications such as switchgear, transformers, MCC’s, motor termination boxes or similar applications.

IC cardNFC Contactless Smart Card

Reads and writes critical inspection parameters of equipment measured by infrared camera, ultrasonic detector, etc. through Android based App. And the data also can be transferred to/from Cloud via WiFi.

UltrasonicUltrasonic Detector

Monitor abnormality of equipment by detecting ultrasound generated by ark, tracking, corona, vibration or leakage of liquid and air. It is also useful to find energy saving opportunities by conducting leak detection and energy conservation audit.

WirelessWireless Temperature Monitoring System

Delta T Alert is a wireless IoT solution to monitor HV, MV, and LV assets. It measures both ambient temperature and internal temperature of enclosure to create temperature difference (delta T) and generates alert by it for predictive maintenance.