Mackie 3M Specialties

Provide New Value for the Needs of Society


Infrared Thermal
Imaging Cameras

Non-contact temperature measurement and thermal distribution display

Industrial Measuring

Sensors and Amplifiers to Data Acquisition System

NB Cold Plate

Keep cold for a long time during transportation for vaccine, frozen food, etc.


Electric Maintenance Safety Devices

ClearIR Series

Protect from COVID-19 infection through droplets


Measuring torque of rotary shaft


The state-of-the-art Digital Electroencephalograph maximum 256 channel


Run an advertisement of 【Infrared Window System for Non-contact Fever Screening】 to “ProductNavi” Web magazine February 2021 issue.

Run an article about 【Condition Monitoring of Bearing Lubrication Using Ultrasonic Detector】 to “Lubrication Economy” magazine November 2020 issue.

Run a booth at “Plant Maintenance Show OSAKA 2020” (at Intex Osaka)

  1. Launched and exhibited 【Infrared Window System for Non-contact Fever Screening】.
  2. Launched and exhibited 【NB Cold Plate】 refrigerant.

Run a booth at “10th International Smart Grid EXPO” (at Tokyo Big Sight)

  1. Launched and exhibited 【TORQUETRAK】 Torque Measuring System.
  2. Held a seminar for 【Ultrasonic Analysis of Bearing Lubrication】

Started a test of “Infrared Window VPT-100” with switchgear at a Japanese large steel plant.