Non-Contact Infrared Temperature Screening Window


With the use of Infrared (IR) cameras and non-contact temperature measuring devices becoming more prevalent, users must understand certain restrictions in the use of this technology.IR radiation spans a broad region of wavelengths; the behavior of infrared light is not that different from visible light, except, of course, humans cannot see it. Another important fact is that IR radiation is absorbed by matter and will not pass through glass or commonly used plastics. Remember that just because you can see through a window doesn’t mean that IR cameras can, it’s a bit like you trying to look at someone through a brick wall!

To enable an IR camera or measuring device to be used behind secure and sterile environments, we have to provide an optical material that allows the transmission of infrared radiation. The design of the IRISS ClearIR viewing system will enable customers to simply install an infrared and visual viewing window within their current protective screens or order a standard or custom-built screen with an infrared window built into the plastic screen.

IRISS is a global leader and recognized experts in providing infrared viewing systems to clients all over the world. The electrical services industries primarily use our infrared window systems for the visual and infrared inspections of electrical components in enclosed equipment.

It is this expertise in designing and building systems for looking into electrical boxes that have allowed us to develop the ClearIR viewing systems to assist customers now facing a new issue relating to monitoring the temperature of people entering their buildings or secure sterile areas. I guess you can say this time we’re thinking outside of the box!!

With the need for temperature screening to become the norm throughout our society, we have developed the ClearIR viewing system. By setting up this system, facilities are able to monitor the body temperature of anyone entering and screen for people who may have a fever or be ill. This will allow access to those who show a safe body temperature, while preventing anyone who may be ill from entering and spreading possible sickness.


Part NumberClearIR-4-AW
General Specifications
Overall Height15.88 cm (6.25 in)
Overall Width15.88 cm (6.25 in)
Operating Temperature-40℃ (-40℉) to 273℃ (523℉)
Body MaterialPowder Coated 5052 Aluminum
Hardware Material316 Stainless Steel
Optic Specifications
Viewing Aperture Height10.80 cm (4.25 in)
Viewing Aperture Width10.80 cm (4.25 in)
Optic MaterialPoly-View™ UL 746 compliant, visual, UV and IR transmissive polymer; -40℃ (-40℉) to 325℃ (617℉)
Inspection Capabilities and Applications
Midwave IR and Longwave IR; Ultraviolet (UV); Visual Inspection

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