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  1. X-Y Recorder - X-Y Recorder Material Properties Testing (rev.1).pdf
  2. Package drop, shock and vibration testing - Vibration and shock testing of mobile devices, electronic devices and transport (rev.1).pdf
  3. Power facility maintenance - UPS performance checks for IT equipment power outage protection.pdf
  4. Power Quality - Preventing abnormal outages with power quality management) (rev.1).pdf
  5. Steel product quality control - Flaw detection in steel plate and pipe QC.pdf
  6. Steel product quality control - Rolling process operation management and quality control (rev.1).pdf
  7. Development and testing of railway vehicles - Railway vehicle ride quality test (rev.1).pdf
  8. High-speed train regenerative braking performance - Verifying high-speed train regenerative braking performance (rev.1).pdf
  9. Stress measurements in strong electric fields - Stress measurement by non-inductive gages (rev.1).pdf
  10. Railway vehicle (pantograph) development and quality management - Pantograph behavior testing.pdf
  11. Railway vehicle wheel development and quality control - Testing degree of wear on wheel bearings and rails.pdf
  12. Power line inspection - Power equipment maintenance and management (relay counter testing).pdf
  13. Hydroelectric power plant testing - Hydroelectric power plant governor test.pdf
  14. Detection of power failures - Power capacitor failure analysis.pdf