Wireless Temperature Monitoring System

Delta-T Alert SystemSafer Wireless Temperature Monitoring System

Delta T Alert Overview

Delta T is a wireless IoT solution for rapid deployment of temperature sensors used to monitor HV, MV, and LV assets. It has minimum interference with existing systems and is used to aid in the expansion of Condition Based Maintenance Programs.

Depending on the application the system can be configured to a network gateway with over 230 sensors connected to each gateway, the units are small and can fitted nearly anywhere. In most projects 20% to 80% of cost and time goes into cabling, with Delta T Alert there is no cabling needed.

What is “Differential Temperature”?

Typical temperature measurement systems and sensors monitor single points of temperature such as the internal temperature of an enclosure. Though this sensor will provide the temperature of the unit, it will not be able to show whether deviations in the enclosures temperature were caused by faults or by environmental conditions.

The IRISS Delta T Alert sensor monitors both ambient and enclosure temperature to create a delta, which allows you to determine whether a sudden rise in temperature was caused by changing environmental conditions or by components within the enclosure.

As ambient temperature rises, so will the temperature of the enclosure. By monitoring both values, high temperature trends become noticeable resulting in more accurate readings and alarm notifications.

The Delta T Alert Difference

Even when accounting for ambient and enclosure temperatures, these readings can still be influenced by other factors. The enclosure itself may heat up due to a fault, causing the ambient sensor and the air around the enclosure to rise, masking the true problem by raising the apparent ambient temperature.

To counter these conditions the Delta T Alert system uses the “Room Ambient” by finding the lowest ambient between sensors in the same location to provide a common baseline to determine the sensors delta temperature.

With this feature, combined with ambient and enclosure temperature values, the system provides a constant reference for the condition of the monitored equipment.

What happens when an Alarm is given?

The Delta T Alert System will send out an Alarm once a predetermined temperature alarm level is breached, this alarm will be as a local audible alarm on the device itself, an alarm on the maintenance computer system running the Delta T Software and also as an email/text message direct to the maintenance team..

The maintenance team access the equipment to inspect the internal components using IR and other equipment, however the problem with this type of equipment is that it is sometimes impossible to inspect the internal components due to restrictions caused by design or because of safety concerns.

It is now that the inspector would use another EMSD such as IR Windows or ultrasound ports to see what the cause of the alarm is, and determine the severity of any fault….

Delta T Alert Key Features

  • Low Cost early warning system of potential equipment failure
  • Wireless mesh network communication via z-wave
  • 300’ range from sensor to gateway increased with mesh networking
  • 230 sensors per gateway
  • Up to 10 gateways per system
  • 2-3 year battery life with 3 x AA standard batteries
  • Standard 8x per day data collection
  • Software resides behind customer’s firewall
  • Customized alarm levels with email alerts
  • Custom reports and export to existing BMS


Wireless Technology Z-Wavetm 5th Gen.
RF Range Up to 90m
Back up Channel Yes
Battery Life 18-24 Months
Real Time Clock Yes
Over The Air Updates Yes
Daily Scheduled Reports Up to 8
On Demand Status Report Yes
LED Indicator Green, Red, Yellow
Operating Temperature -40℃ to 85℃
Temperature Reading Accuracy +/-0.5℃
Outdoor Installation

Recommended System Requirement

Operating System Windows 7 or Higher
Processor Speed 1GHz
Free Hard Disk Space 10GB
Display Resolution 800 × 600 or higher
Indoor Installation

Screen shot of PC based software showing status of all sensors including battery level

Screen shot of PC based software showing the configurator for scheduled reporting and notifications

Screen shot of PC based software showing the a graph used for trending analysis

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