NB Cold Plate


NB Cold Plate can keep cold from small goods to large goods.

NB Cold Plate cools atconstant temperature for a long time.

NB Cold Plate keeps the temperature even increasing the volume but
the cooling time is proportional to the volume.

NB Cold Plate minimizes change of temperature by opening and closing door.

NB Cold Plate provides temperature range from freeze to chilly.

Innocuous Liquid Solution

It is safe even if it is damaged and the solution gets on unpacked vegetables and fruits.

Temperature curve with a little change

  • Quickly reaching to the target temperature.
  • Keeping constant temperature for a long time.
No. Freezing point Typical internal
Typical applications
1 0℃ 2℃~8℃ Phamaceuitical, Blood sample, Vaccine, Dairy products, Vegitables, Fruits
2 -2℃ 0℃~6℃ Flesh fish, Dressed meat, Refined sake, Wine
3 -11℃ -9℃~-3℃ Frozen food
4 -16℃ -14℃~-8℃ Frozen food
5 -25℃ -20℃~-18℃ Ice cream、Frozen food
6 -35℃ -27℃~-20℃ Frozen tuna、Ice cream

Cooling Panel Type Refrigerated Truck