Infrared Thermal Imaging Cameras

Infrared Thermal Imaging Cameras

Low-cost & High Performance Model for Field Measurement

High Performance & High Spec All-round Model

Special Model by Application

Networkable Model for System Construction

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  1. Aluminum Surface Temp Distribution.pdf
  2. Automobile Onboard Driving Test_Realtime Temperature Data Analysis.pdf
  3. Automotive Applications.pdf
  4. Battery Production Process Heat Monitoring.pdf
  5. Battery Sotorage Monitoring.pdf
  6. Brazing Work Temp Management.pdf
  7. Building Diagnosis Application.pdf
  8. Building Structure Detarioration Dyagnosis.pdf
  9. Coppet Elongate Product Production Process Temperatuer Management.pdf
  10. Die-Cast Mold Application.pdf
  11. Die-Cast Mold Temp Monitoring System.pdf
  12. Facilities Maintenance.pdf
  13. Facility Inspection.pdf
  14. Fever Screening Thermography Solutions.pdf
  15. Fever Screening.pdf
  16. Fever Screening_AOI Electronics.pdf
  17. Fever Screening_Hoshino Hikari Preschool.pdf
  18. Fever Screening_Kagoshima City Hospital.pdf
  19. Fever Screening_KidZania.pdf
  20. Fever Screening_Potable Models.pdf
  21. Fire or Quartz Through.pdf
  22. Furnace inside measurement through fire.pdf
  23. Industries Applications.pdf
  24. Inspection of Concrete Bridge.pdf
  25. Inspection of Electrical & Mechaical Equipment.pdf
  26. Inspection of Housing.pdf
  27. Microcomponent Thermal Evaluation of.pdf
  28. Mold for Small Parts Temp Monitoring.pdf
  29. Motor Failure PPM.pdf
  30. Pipe Insulation Detarioration Check.pdf
  31. R&D Applications.pdf
  32. Railway Applications.pdf