“Sales Campaign” Buy a Data Acquisition System, Get a Compact Scale at Free !
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Run an advertisement of 【Infrared Window System for Non-contact Fever Screening】 to “ProductNavi” Web magazine February 2021 issue.

Run an article about 【Condition Monitoring of Bearing Lubrication Using Ultrasonic Detector】 to “Lubrication Economy” magazine November 2020 issue.

Run a booth at “Plant Maintenance Show OSAKA 2020” (at Intex Osaka)

  1. Launched and exhibited 【Infrared Window System for Non-contact Fever Screening】.
  2. Launched and exhibited 【NB Cold Plate】 refrigerant.

Run a booth at “10th International Smart Grid EXPO” (at Tokyo Big Sight)

  1. Launched and exhibited 【TORQUETRAK】 Torque Measuring System.
  2. Held a seminar for 【Ultrasonic Analysis of Bearing Lubrication】

Started a test of “Infrared Window VPT-100” with switchgear at a Japanese large steel plant.

Equipped an “Infrared Window VPT-100” with cubicles in automobile related factory.

Run a booth at “43rd Plant Maintenance Show” (at Tokyo Big Sight)

  1. Held a seminar for 【How to make Electric Maintenance plan effectively and safely】.

Run a booth at “3rd Asia Infrared Thermography Conference (QIRT-Asia 2019)

Run a booth at “67th JECA FAIR 2019”(Tokyo Big Sight)

Run a booth at “9th International Smart Grid EXPO (at Tokyo Big Sight).

  1. Launched and exhibited “Automatic Diagnosis System for Electric Distribution Network 【TADS】” and “Monitoring System for Underground Electric Distribution Network 【KIR】”